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Contract Application

Dear prospective customer,

This information is provided to assist you in your decision in obtaining a towing company that provides services to uphold the regulations set forth by yourself in the regulation of parking on your premises. This process is actually very simply. Below we will outline the procedure to put in place a contract in order to retain our services.

The first step is to simply fill out the application form below. With this information, we will be able to draw up a standard contract with your property that will enable you the ability to tow unauthorized vehicles from your property.

For any contract information please contact:
Kim Rowland or Maysa Shouman

There is only one signature required to obtain a contract with our company. You can list as many authorized personnel as you wish. These people will have the ability to call and request a truck to pick up unauthorized vehicles. However, if they do not sign the contract, they will have to be present at the time we show up to pick up the vehicle. If there is a signature on file, that particular person does not have to be present at the time of tow. It is recommended that all authorized personnel sign the actual contract, but not required.

Signs must also be in place by law at every entrance in order to tow a vehicle for unauthorized use of your facilities. We will provide and post all signs for you in the legally required manner for an additional fee

Everything else is taken care of by our company. There is no cost to your property for any vehicles towed. Vehicles towed will be towed at expense of the VEHICLE OWNER. City contracts are filed at the O.P.D. headquarters as well as my office. County contracts are filed at my office. Airport Towing will make sure the contract is on file with O.P.D. if required before any towing starts.

Once the contract is in place and sings are posted, you need simply to call our dispatch office, and request a truck. This can be done 24 hours after the proper signs have been posted on your property. It's that simple. We can provide at NO ADDITIONAL COST stickers that you may post on vehicles if you decide to give a warning. However, you are not required to give ANY notice before requesting the vehicle to be removed. That decision is left up to each individual property owner.

We are available to answer any further questions Mon - Thurs between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. You can reach us at the number below. Thank you for your time and we look forward to doing business with you.

Contract Request Form

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